Best Tips to Start a Workout Program

by Angela Parker


Angela Parker gives you 5 great tips on how to start a workout routine! These tips are great for anyone, especially beginners! Think like a fit person, get a new outfit, make a plan, write it down, and reward yourself!

About the Presenter

Angela Parker

Angela Parker IDEA Author/Presenter

Angela founded Body Inspired Fitness in 2003 on the belief that anybody, anywhere, of any age, size, & fitness level can be in a truly healthy, happy, and vibrant place. A certified fitness trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association, as well as a a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, Angela has spent the past eleven years helping others to make fitness a permanent fixture in their lives. The longest running outdoor fitness program in West Los Angeles, Body Inspired Fitness camps boasts a ninety-eight percent return rate, with clients coming back every session for Angela’s contagious energy, candid perspective, and fresh workouts. Angela encourages her clients to listen to, respect, and honor their body – right where it is today. Her goal is that her students use their workouts as an opportunity to get to know their bodies better, and to use their exercise time as a chance to practice being nice to themselves, feeling good and being proud of their workouts! In our daily life we force, stress, push, and struggle our way into attaining results & being “better”. Instead, Angela encourages her students to slow down, listen, and connect – completely transforming the standard approach of what it means to become fit. “Exercise is the one thing in life where you have the power to make it work YOUR WAY. Your approach and your results are completely up to you. It’s time for us to redefine what it means to exercise. For me, exercise is my chance to be completely selfish. Staying in my body, with my thoughts, and listening to my breath. I use my own workouts as a chance to work on “my stuff” – all that crap I struggle with, think about, and want to transform. I don’t show up to my sweat session ready for a fight. I show up ready to have a conversation. An open, loving, and intimate conversation. My goal in life is to inspire others to use their workouts as a chance to work on themselves from the inside out using our single greatest tool – our breath.” Angela’s customized instruction gives each person a unique and personal experience, one where the biggest shifts often come from the tiniest changes. She invokes an intellectual curiosity in her clients, challenging them to learn about their bodies and trust that THEY know whats best for them. In addition to her local Santa Monica based fitness programs Angela has done some other fancy stuff… In 2011 Angela co-authored “90-Days To A Stronger Body & Deeper Connection with Your Daughter,” an at home fitness program for moms and daughters available for sale on Amazon. Even though Angela is not a mother, she took her extensive fitness training experience working with teen girls & wrote a book to help both moms & daughters realize that anything is possible through the power of exercise! Check out to get more details! Staying true to her founding belief, Angela offers phone & video consultations to support anyone, anywhere on their quest for better health! She will open the door to a supportive and focused conversation that will help you identify what is getting in your way of being inside the best version of your body. Also available is Angela’s 6 Day SLAM Plan, an instantly downloadable eBook complete with her exact meal plan, recipes, workouts, how she eats, food timing, hydration schedule, shopping lists, and food planner. If you are looking to begin an exercise program, step up your current program, learn new moves, get great tips, tricks, and inspiration then stay connected with Angela on twitter & instagram @AngelaParkerFIT & Facebook! __________________________________________________________________________________ In addition to her highly successful fitness boot camps, Angela has written inspirational articles, stories & workouts for Fitness magazine,,,, New Balance, Things to Love Right Now, Curvy Girl Health, and Adios Barbie. Angela has been a recurring guest on CBS’s “The Talk”, and has appeared on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” with Cristina Ferrare & Mark Steines, Hallmark Channel‘s “Marie” with Marie Osmond, Fox Sports “Physique with Dominique” with Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes, ABC 7 with Food Coach Lori Corbin, and on Fox’s morning show “Good Day LA”, and MTV’s hit show Chelsea Settles, where Angela helped Chelsea lose an incredible 98 pounds in less than five months.