Basics and Beyond

by Jabez Gibson

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This is a basic compilation of some participants going through parts of their individual conditioning programs. This is not to display intensity or difficulty, rather to display a variety in our demographic served.

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About the Presenter

Jabez Gibson

Jabez Gibson IDEA Author/Presenter

Hello 2 all... I am a very different kind of coach, when I worked as a trainer in other gyms, some people observing me in my work usually got a jaded impression of what it is I do. My goal is always to motivate, encourage & challenge people in the same space. I put myself on the front lines everyday in what I promote. I consistently endeavor to make self a strong resource for all with a foundation in research, conditioning trials & the development of fitness and physical conditioning programming. I am imaginative and progressive, it shows in the programming. I try to never accept expected limitations & mentor others towards the same. I promote positive energy, positive thought/belief/faith and attempt to broaden the conversation with all whom I am blessed to assist. I am aggressive w/challenges, competitive w/process and can have my fun when it's needed. I love to see people drip sweat, push themselves past what they perceived were their limits, have a few laughs then start again... I work with people who earnestly want/need a change for self. Fitness fads come and go, but my people represent me everyday. This is how I have always been able to grow a stable team of people dedicated to personal fitness & improvement. I try to establish confidence in & respect of the programming I create. I feel blessed to be able to assist those in need & witness their success/achievement. There is a saying and it could not be more valid: THE GAME IS TO BE "SOLD," not "TOLD..." I witness this a lot in this industry! But, if you have a earnest desire to improve your overall health WITHOUT introducing "experimental" chemicals into your body or you desire to produce lasting physical enhancement/development "NATURALLY," here is where you need to be... DON'T GET "SOLD..." GET "TOLD..." conquer SELF is the best & noblest victory, to be vanquished by ONE'S OWN nature is the worst and most ignoble defeat." Plato