Back and Bicep Workout

by Jennifer Brango


Here is an Back and Bicep workout recorded by Jen Brango of Great Valley Adventure Boot Camp and Only Results Fitness in Philadelphia, PA. This was recorded on location sunny Scottsdale Arizona. To find out more about Only Results Fitness home of Great Valley Adventure Boot Camp go to

About the Presenter

Jennifer Brango

Jennifer Brango IDEA Author/Presenter

Over the years one can discover their true passion and sometimes it takes a few years of exploration to truly find what brings you joy in life. That could be said of me. Yes I have tested myself in Bodybuilding, running and biking. However I know that does not qualify me to be your trainer or anyone's trainer. Yet I find that having the passion and the experience of running my own fitness business for over 5 years can be a testament to what you will get when working with me as a trainer, coach, mentor. I rely on the expertise of other great trainers to inspire and coach me to be the best. My husband and I run a Nationally Recognized Boot Camp, Adventure Boot Camp, while also running the Only Results Fitness Center in Phoenixville, PA. You will find myself and my husband often working with others to help them reach their goals. We are on a mission to prevent illness, teaching our clients to incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle, while enjoying a quality life. There is something to be said when a client says thank you for giving them their life back, they can now do the things they haven't been able to do, and didn't think were possible again. Healthy living is more than food and exercise, healthy living is a whole way of life...