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Armband Exercise

by Beth Hoover


How you can quickly tighten and tone the arms focusing on the bicep and tricep using the resistance band. Great for on the go & building muscles of the arm.

About the Presenter

Beth Hoover

Beth Hoover IDEA Author/Presenter

Fitness & Wellness Professional with 15 years of experience. Specialties include Functional Training, Aqua Fitness, Group Personal Training, Weight Loss Programming and HITT. I have a BS degree and certifications with NASM, AFAA & Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED. As a presenter for World Instructor Training Schools and NAFC Group Fitness, I love sharing my passion for fitness with future leaders. Recently I became a Myobuddy Team Lead and advocate of Next Level Recovery using percussive massage therapy. As a MoveItMonday Ambassador, I started the #4minworkout via livestream in an effort to help other get motivated to get moving. Workout with me anytime, anywhere at affordable rates at I love helping others improve "quality of life" by sharing my passion! I love what I do!!