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Anterior to Posterior Transverse Plane Lunge-Dumbbells

by Anthony Carey, MA

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The anterior to posterior transverse plane lunge takes the stance hip and creates a lot of rotation as the pelvis moves around it. Step to 2:00 on the clock with your left foot and then immediately push right back to 8:00. And then push again all the way across your body. Each time having to decelerate the gravitational loads on your body as you cross over. If we wanted to regress this exercise, shorten the distance of the actual lunge and lighten the resistance of the dumbbells. After you do this motion on the left leg, repeat it with the right leg.

About the Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA

Anthony Carey, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA, owns Function First in San Diego, California. He holds a master?s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and is an internationally-recognized speaker on biomechanics, posture, motor control and musculoskeletal pain and function. As a best-selling author, his work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. Anthony is also the inventor of the Core-Tex.