Anterior Lateral Lunge with Low Reach-Dumbbells

by Anthony Carey, MA

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For the anterior lateral lunge with the low reach, step out away from the midline. We're still going to recruit the glutes as we bend forward with the upper body and the reach, but now we have some adductor activity that has to control the momentum of the body. Step out to about 1:00 on the clock and reach down with the dumbbells towards your foot, causing your torso to flex but you're also going to control that forward and lateral motion of your upper body. If we wanted to regress this exercise, simply shorten the distance in which you were lunging and don't reach as far forward with your arms.

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Anthony Carey, MA

Anthony Carey, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Anthony Carey, MA, owns Function First in San Diego, California. He holds a master?s degree in biomechanics and athletic training, and is an internationally-recognized speaker on biomechanics, posture, motor control and musculoskeletal pain and function. As a best-selling author, his work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. Anthony is also the inventor of the Core-Tex.