All Natural EPIC Protein Bars

by Stephanie Karlovits


Join Stephanie as she makes the EPIC Protein Bar. For more recipes, workouts and motivation, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel by hitting "subscribe" above! For the complete recipe check it out on our blog: Enjoy!

About the Presenter

Stephanie Karlovits

Stephanie Karlovits IDEA Author/Presenter

Years of Experience: 7 Athletic History: 18 yrs experience as a competitive figure skater, 6 yrs experience as a competitive track athlete, 7 yrs experience as a competitive gymnast, 3 yrs experience as a competitive swimmer and 2 yrs experience in power-lifting. Certifications, Credentials and Experience (all valid and current): Carleton University Honours Degree in Psychology 2007, Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist, Can-Fit-Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, ISSA Health and Fitness Management certification, Yin Yoga Specialist (Marla Eriksen), Advanced Exericise Nutrition Specialist, IHP Functional Trainer Specialist, IHP Performance Coach Specialist, CPR/First Aid, Restorative Expert and Personal Trainer on APTN’s Reality Show “Hit The Ice” airing January 2013 Skills and Clientele: Stephanie is holistic in her approach to all avenues of fitness whether it be weight loss, athletic performance or rehabilitation. She has experience with clients as young as 15 and as mature as 80. Clients say Stephanie is very caring, organized, results-focused and professional. Ambitions: to encourage more of the Ottawa area to find a love for exercise and healthy living and to inspire more athletes to fine tune their performance by acquiring a holistic approach more so than a one-dimensional physical focus.