All about that Core.

by Maria EVANS

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If I don't have an ab exercise you haven't done, I invent one.

About the Presenter


Maria EVANS IDEA Author/Presenter

Since putting on my first pair of basketball sneakers, to choosing songs for my co-ed football “pump-up” playlist, I knew I had the heart of an athlete. And while I’ve yet to score my NBA contract or hear from the Eagles, my drive to compete is far from retiring. Which is what landed me in Personal Training with The International Sports Sciences Association. But it didn’t happen right away and it wasn’t easy. After attending Temple University and spending 7-years in the advertising world, I realized although I had a knack for the business, my heart was missing. So I stepped back and decided to look for L.O.V.E. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my purpose all along wasn’t just to “pump” myself up, but to show others how to do it for themselves. Between my love for fitness, competition and leading teams of all kinds, training was a natural fit. Which is why you should get FIT with M.E. Because I have a feeling that you too have an inner athlete that walks with you every day. I offer private training at an Athletic Training Facility in West Norriton. Additionally, twice a week I lead a bootcamp-style class at the facility. Outside of the facility I offer at-home personal training, outdoor mobile bootcamps, running/race coaching, and on-demand HIIT classes. I also develop workout plans for those who belong to a gym and can't afford a regular trainer but need a structured plan.