After learning TRX with me you can do it anywhere

by eric guilleminault


Currently, most communities lack green alternatives for environmentally conscious fitness enthusiasts. Enter Off The Grid Fitness, which promises to be more than a few gimmicky cardio machines that produce limited amounts of electricity, every piece of equipment and building improvement at Off the Grid Fitness will drive sustainability--from the indoor bicycles to the low flush toilets and from the elliptical machines to the bamboo floors.-- In fact certain equipment will actually allow you to generate clean energy for the community! With a full cardio room, personal trainers, and weight room, Off the Grid Fitness is a completely green fitness alternative. Our TRX classes increases flexibility, strength, body tone, and core development all at once. It provides all the benefits of Yoga while being more exciting and more accessible to all levels of fitness. Created by a former Navy Seal and used by the military for training, TRX suspension system relies on gravity and the persons own body weight, allowing you to easily control and adjust the intensity of the workout. This makes TRX ideal for all ages.

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