AbsRevealed.com - Semi-Vise Crunch with Stability Ball

by Jonathan Ross


Semi-Vise Crunch with Stability Ball - From the book "Abs Revealed" by award-winning trainer Jonathan Ross. This exercise is from "Rock," the 1st phase of training in the Abs Revealed "Rock, Paper, Scissors" approach to great abs. More info at http://www.AbsRevealed.com

About the Presenter

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross IDEA Author/Presenter

Simply put, Jonathan changes lives. Jonathan Ross is a two-time Personal Trainer of the Year Award Winner (2010 IDEA and 2006 ACE), creator of Funtensity, and his book, Abs Revealed, presents a modern approach to getting great abs. He is popular speaker and a regular expert source for the media on a wide range of fitness topics and his cutting edge insights bring an honest and fresh perspective on fitness. He is a Master Trainer for TRX and ACE (American Council on Exercise). He is the owner of Aion Fitness - a fitness training and consulting company. He was voted Exercise TV's Top Trainer in 2008.