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by Jonathan Ross


Semi-Vise Crunch with Stability Ball - From the book "Abs Revealed" by award-winning trainer Jonathan Ross. This exercise is from "Rock," the 1st phase of training in the Abs Revealed "Rock, Paper, Scissors" approach to great abs. More info at

About the Presenter

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross IDEA Author/Presenter

Simply put, Jonathan changes lives. Jonathan Ross is a two-time Personal Trainer of the Year Award Winner (2010 IDEA and 2006 ACE), creator of Funtensity, and his book, Abs Revealed, presents a modern approach to getting great abs. He is popular speaker and a regular expert source for the media on a wide range of fitness topics and his cutting edge insights bring an honest and fresh perspective on fitness. He is a Master Trainer for TRX and ACE (American Council on Exercise). He is the owner of Aion Fitness - a fitness training and consulting company. He was voted Exercise TV's Top Trainer in 2008.