Ab Workout with Victoria Harris

by Victoria Ratliff Harris


Use this video to do a basic ab workout! Get your body in shape for summer by repeating the circuit below 4 times: 1) 16 Basic Crunches 2) 8 90 degree Crunches 3) 20 Russian Twist 4) 12 Crunch (or Situp) Kickouts

About the Presenter

Victoria Ratliff Harris

Victoria Ratliff Harris IDEA Author/Presenter

Victoria is a Certified Wellness Coach and CPFT for women. She helps motivate them, creates personal fitness plans, is a boot camp coach, and guides them to beautiful skin and a slimmer body by what they eat! She uses the soul-body-spirit approach and coaches from a Christian perspective to achieve lifelong results that are rewarding and pleasing to God! "It is my ultimate goal to make you a more confident woman with higher self-esteem and a happier life. I want you to know that you are using your temple wisely and treating it with love and care." -Victoria Harris, CWC. Victoria has had fitness training from the best fitness trainers for women in the United States. She began training with Mike Fifrick (www.buckhead.net/fifrick/) of Atlanta in 2002. Since then she has worked with Mike Mauney (www.bodydesignbymike.com/) of North Carolina and Justin Popovicks (www.built2win.com) of New York in 2008. Her independent training lead her to become a Certified Wellness Coach in 2010 and start her own beauty & wellness studio, Victoria & Co., in 2011. In Spring of 2012 Victoria became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through NESTA and is on schedule to have her Master Personal Trainer's Certification from NESTA by the end of this year!