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AAPTE Personal Training Education Lab

by Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE)

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Practical hands on training. Included are: pre-exercise screening, health and fitness assessments and biomechanical principles and methods of analyzing and teaching resistance training exercise. In addition, practical assessment skills such as body composition analysis, blood pressure, and resting heart rate measurement skills are taught.

About the Presenter

Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE)

Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) IDEA Author/Presenter

Personal Trainer, Sport Enhancement Coach; Changes for Life, Fit Kids for Life Personal Trainer • Perform fitness assessments, metabolic evaluations, and create individual exercise prescriptions based on current/prior health, fitness level, goals, needs and abilities. • Specialized populations; i.e. orthopedic and cardiopulmonary limitations, hypertension, metabolic disorders, obesity, and various other conditions. • Influence physiological responses to decrease the potential of degenerative processes. Sport Enhancement • Educate athletes on how to train their musculoskeletal system to become more efficient and specific in their sport movement patterns. • Influence responses to the musculoskeletal system in order to potentially increase the structural integrity to have an enhanced ability to receive, tolerate and transfer the associated forces, as well as, reduce the risk of potential injury.