30 Day May Challenge

by Marlon Taylor


Every day this month, a new short workout. Fun, great exercise and all between 7 to 10 minutes.

About the Presenter

Marlon Taylor

Marlon Taylor IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been an ACE certified personal strength trainer for over 13 years as well as a RYT-200 Yoga instructor and certified Broga Yoga instructor. These experiences follow nearly 15 years in the medical device field. My training style is largely informed by my anatomy, fitness and yoga training. Building a balanced fitness routine should be viewed as an ongoing way of life. When you find the fun in the challenge, you are more likely to stick with it while experiencing all the benefits. A PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT: “I have known Marlon, both personally and professionally, for 9 years. I am a physical therapist and have referred several of my patients to Marlon, as well as friends, all who have communicated how encouraging and thorough Marlon has been. Marlon not only achieves great results with his clients, but it is obvious he thoroughly enjoys being a personal trainer and is able to connect with his clients on a personal level in order to meet their individual successes. I would highly recommend Marlon's expertise as a personal trainer to anyone who is looking to begin or advance their current physical condition.” September 21, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Patti Simms, hired Marlon as a Personal Trainer in 2005, and hired Marlon more than once