2014 IDEA Video Submission

by Susy Cabarloc-Marks


Susy C's Video submission for the 2014 presenter application

About the Presenter

Susy Cabarloc-Marks

Susy Cabarloc-Marks IDEA Author/Presenter

After over twenty years of dance training and eleven years in the fitness industry, Susy was inspired to create a cardio dance fitness program with easy-to-follow dance steps, driven by all genres of music. Her goal was to attract all ages and all levels of fitness, by making her students the "rockstars" of her class, along with providing an intense workout in a fun and energetic environment. In January 2010, Susy and her husband launched U-Jam Fitness™, a program that has attracted tens of thousands of students and hundreds of instructors. They feel very blessed to have the unity and following they do. They are seeing all ages, races and genders involved with U-Jam Fitness.