10 Minute Workout

by Linda Okwor


Welcome! B NAKED = Bodelogix Nutrition And Kinetic Exercise Development. You can also connect with us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BodELogix , Twitter: http://twitter.com/bodelogix, Blog: http://blog.bodelogix.com/, Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/bodelogix/. Welcome to our channel by http://Bodelogix.com and Linda Okwor. This channel was created for YOU. We LOVE your comments, questions, feedback, and Love. We will respond to your comments, requests and feedback accordingly so please enter them in the box below! Introducing the 10's: The 10 minute workout With so many life demands such as work, school, kids, and fun many people feel they have very little time to work out. I purposely said "feel" because there is usually more time if you make being active a priority. Staying healthy only requires a few minutes a day of your time. For some, 20 - 30 minutes, 4 times a week is a major accomplishment. There are times when you legitimately have very little time to work out and you want to work out. I created the 10's for those times. 2 exercises, count down and up from and to 10, and you have 10 minutes to complete it. Try to improve your time each time and do another round. For this program, I have chosen push-ups and squats. Count down with one exercise (usually push-ups for me) and count up with the other with little to no rest in between. Visit http://Blog.Bodelogix.com for step by step guide and more workouts. Give it a go and don't forget to let us know what you think of this video and exercises in the comments box below. Or if there is an exercise or exercise program that you would like us to do, let us know as well. Welcome to B NAKED WORKOUT Series by Linda Okwor and Bodelogix.com. This was created for all you road warriors, hotel hustlers, stay at home fitness enthusiasts and Gym Loathers. B NAKED WORKOUT means no equipment needed. Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for something else (wink with a smile). All you need is your body, a timer (you can use your phone or watch) and enough room to spread your arms and legs. Visit http://Blog.Bodelogix.com for step by step guide and more workouts. We post daily so check us out often... Your comments, feedback and topic requests are appreciated. Thank you!

About the Presenter

Linda Okwor

Linda Okwor IDEA Author/Presenter

“My life began to change when I discovered that I could reshape my body, mind, soul and life using sports, activities, fitness, nutrition and support. As my body and confidence changed so did my life, outlook and self esteem. That is one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in fitness, nutrition, coaching and mentoring. I am able to impact lives and it feels amazing. My personal journey cultivated a desire to help others do the same. I have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day and it feels amazing.” Linda is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through World Instructors Schools (WITS) from California State University in Dominguez Hills and Equinox Fitness Training Institute, holds a certification in Sports Performance Nutrition through International Sports Science Association (ISSA), HCG Diet Certification through HCG Diet Council and has many certifications in diverse areas including stretching for function and performance, boot camp, Core Transformer, TRX, Kettle Bell, functional training and more. She is a successful fitness and nutrition specialist, life coach, author, an entrepreneur, and a top trainer at Equinox Health Clubs. As co-author of Weight Success with Dr. Andrea Pennington and Toneka Pires, her goal is to provide focused information and effective tools to help those embarking on a journey to weight success. She has helped and influenced many people to achieve a healthy, balanced and lean lifestyle. She uses a holistic approach which supports the body’s natural state to get jaw dropping results. Linda graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from the University of Minnesota and Masters in Business Administration. She began competing in sports at the age of 12 years old and was a successful collegiate athlete. Her tenacity, outgoing personality, and ability to excel at anything she puts her mind to earned her a spot as a professional cheerleader for the Minnesota Timberwolves for many years and catapulted her career as an international fitness competitor with several regional, national and international titles. In addition to her education, fitness, community and business acumen, Linda has made frequent appearances and contributed on national and local television and printed media. Her vast media experience includes: •Writer and contributor for fitness and health magazines such as Oxygen •Recognized expert on bridal fitness and featured in premiere magazines such as Inside Weddings •Featured in National Basketball Association (NBA) ad campaigns •Appearances on ESPN, Fox Sports, TSN, Fitness Universe/America and Fitness World/USA programs •Television commercials and Infomercials for companies such as YoungQuest and Innovative Fitness •Co-host of "Off The Record" a popular TSN Canada show •Appearances in many fitness and health magazines such as Oxygen Magazine, Ms. Fitness, Natural Muscle, Curves •Appearances in the Northwest Athletic and Lifetime Clubs print campaign •Public and motivational speaking engagements •Many calendar appearances Linda holds memberships with the following prestigious organizations: National MBA Association, IDEA Fitness and Health Association, World Instructors School (WITS), International Sports Science Association (ISSA), Equinox Fitness Training Institute, HCG Diet Council, Ms. Fitness USA, Ms. Fitness World, Ms. Fitness America, Ms. Fitness Universe, Fitness New Zealand organization. Linda resides in Los Angeles and is available to assist you with your nutrition, fitness and health goals. For consultation, contact Linda or call 877-319-1133