10-minute Full Body Workout

by Kacie Harrington


This quick workout will challenge your whole body so you can workout even when you are pressed for time.

About the Presenter

Kacie Harrington

Kacie Harrington IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a fitness enthusiast who loves to see others have fun working out and getting stronger. I love doing different types of exercise and sports. I also love cooking and finding healthy alternatives :) My favorite events are obstacle races, triathlons and anything running. I enjoy working with people at different fitness levels and seeing them progress to improved levels of fitness they have always wanted. One of my favorite things to do is lead fitcamps for a small group of people who are ready to push themselves and discover their limits. Also as a nutrition coach, I find joy in seeing others progress with their health goals and witness the drastic life changes that come from the dedication and hard work of my clients.