Biomechanics of Resistance Training

Biomechanics of Resistance Training prepares you to guide your client in all areas of strength training with safety and confidence. This 2-day course is a thorough introduction to the most efficient training and teaching techniques that optimize training of the musculoskeletal structure. Learn to select, instruct and perform appropriate resistance training exercises consistent with the structure and function of the human body. Discover appropriate strengthening exercises for each area of the human body through lecture and hands-on practical sessions that address specific client needs and program progression.


•Joint Mechanics
•Anatomical Design & Function
•Upper Body Exercises
•Lower Body Exercises
•Core Body Exercises
•Exercise Selection
•Program Design
•Practical Demonstration of Skills
(Topics and/or speakers are subject to change.)

CPR Required: Yes

Recommended Prerequisites:

Basic knowledge in reference to human anatomy, including:

•Major muscle group names, location and associated joint actions
•Movement planes and joint actions throughout body and association to major muscle groups

We recommend you have basic knowledge in reference to human anatomy, including major muscle groups and joints actions.

Contact Hours: 14

This is a curriculum-based testing course. Students who complete the course and pass the written test receive a Cooper Institute Certificate. Please contact a Program Coordinator at 800/635-7050 to discuss pre-shipment of course manual(s). Fees will apply.

Course Check-In/Hours:

Day 1: (Check-in 7:30am) 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Day 2: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

If your plans change making you unable to attend, please contact a Program Coordinator as soon as possible to review your options. Transfer fees may apply. A $40.00 cancellation fee could apply.

Dallas, TX

Additional Information

TypeSeminar/Workshop, Strength Training
AudienceFitness Professionals
What We Supply
Things To BringPlease come dressed in fitness/workout attire. You will need to bring a calculator, #2 pencil, notebook paper and your valid CPR card.
Instructor(s)The Cooper Institute (CI)
HostThe Cooper Institute (CI)