Body Sculpting Boot Camp

Urban Wild Fitness boot camp is designed with you in mind. Our outdoor adventure has been created to facilitate all fitness levels in a fun and invigorating way. We are excited and motivated by the high level of fitness you can achieve right here in your own urban wild with minimal equipment. We strive to make each and every workout different yet challenging. It is the constant change of our boot camp that will get you the results you are looking for. You body will never plateau because we are constantly changing the stresses we put on it, so it is never allowed to adapt but rather must always accommodate and keep improving.

Each boot camp session is lead by Urban Wild Fitness owner Alison Roessler. Alison competed at the collegiate level in track and field. In addition to her years of rigorous athletic training, Alison runs a highly respected personal training business in the Oakland/Berkeley area. She uses her personal experiences as elite athlete as well as a certified trainer to customize boot camp workouts that get results. She has the ability to modify any and every exercise, task, or game to create a personalized experience based on your health and fitness level. She limits the number of participants in any one class to 20-25 people to make sure that everyone gets the personal attention they need and deserve.

In addition to Alison, you may occasionally have a special guest trainer at one or many of your boot camp sessions. Internationally accredited Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer Lila Heller will on occasion provide Urban Wild Fitness boot camp participants with a deeper understanding of exactly what “core” work is. She will lead you through a series of movements to help you really engage your deep abdominals and build a better awareness of your body and how it moves.

With many incredibly talented trainers working together to create one amazing boot camp, your health and fitness possibilities are endless. Don’t wait a minute longer, sign up for boot camp today, space is limited!

Remember there is a 24hr Cancellation Policy

Oakland, CA

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