713: Zumba® Sentao™!

Time Block O - Saturday, 3:40-5:10pm
Session Format: Workshop

Drag a chair onto the dance floor and you are ready to experience the amazing new Zumba Sentao program! Learn to do things with a chair you never imagined possible. With innovative and expressive new moves, turn an everyday object into a strong, sexy dance partner! Get defined with unique resistance exercises designed to firm the buttocks, abs and arms while performing choreography to the sultry Zumba soundtrack.

Abraham Hernandez

IDEA Author/Presenter
Abraham Hernandez, originally from Mexico, started his fitness career as a gym owner in 2000 and has... more less

Sara Hernandez

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sara Hernandez is a Zumba® Education Specialist based in Mexico. She has been a competitive Iro... more less