297: Zumba® Toning

Time Block I - Friday, 2:45-4:35pm
Presented by: Linda Shelton, Eliza Stone
Session Format: Workshop

Zumba Toning says adios to traditional toning and takes the original Zumba dance fitness class to the next level, utilizing an innovative muscle-training protocol and the addition of light-weight toning sticks. Created to emphasize muscle work along with rhythms, this combination of dance-based cardio and dynamic resistive exercises is a highly-effective training program. Come join the Zumba Toning party!

Linda Shelton

IDEA Author/Presenter
Linda Shelton is an internationally-recognized fitness and wellness consultant, trainer, speaker and... more less

Eliza Stone

IDEA Author/Presenter
Eliza Stone, MS, is a Zumba® education specialist, a nutritionist and an international fitness p... more less