453: ZEN•GA™: V2 Vinyasa on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer®, Level 2

Time Block K - Friday, 8:10-10:00am
Presented by: PJ O'Clair
Session Format: Workshop

Building upon positions in ZEN•GA V2 Vinyasa, Level 1, this Level 2 program increases the demands on the neuromyofascial web, improving strength and stamina. Developed by the Merrithew Health & Fitness team, this program incorporates the ZEN•GA mindful movement principles into this unique routine, focusing on fluidity and stability of the joints, and clarity of the mind. Coordination and strength are challenged with longer static holds against the reformer’s spring resistance, resulting in overall improved fitness.

PJ O'Clair

IDEA Author/Presenter
PJ OClair has been a leader and consultant in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She is a ... more less