388: YOGression: Creative Yoga Sequences

Time Block L - Saturday, 1:45-3:35pm
Presented by: Lauren Eirk
Session Format: Workshop

We are told that we are practicing hatha yoga, yet we all learn about asanas as end goals with little idea of how to get there. In YOGression, learn what progression in yoga really means, in terms of the smallest steps that we can take toward achieving a goal. Learn why longer practices, acquiring more rigorous adjustments, or forcing yourself into more difficult positions are not effective ways to achieve a particular position. Experience seven creative sequences that not only move you toward your goals more efficiently, but change your ideas of what a yoga pose really is: INFINITE!


Lauren Eirk

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lauren Eirk. MS is a certified E-RYT 500 level Yoga Instructor with over 30 years experience in fitn... more less