371: Visions-The Pilates of Tomorrow

Time Block M - Saturday, 7:00-8:30pm
Session Format: Movement / Lecture

Join this distinguished panel of experts for a mindful discussion of relevant issues facing Pilates professionals today. Panel members will explore individual strengths and differences, as well as their mutual foundation. Enjoy this insightful dialogue from these prominent teachers on how to continue growth and education within the Pilates industry.


Rael Isacowitz, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rael Isacowitz, MA, is the founder of BASI™ Pilates (Body Arts and Science International). He i... more less

Michael King

IDEA Author/Presenter
Michael has been working with the Pilates technique for over 38 years. He originally worked with th... more less

PJ O'Clair

IDEA Author/Presenter
PJ OClair has been a leader and consultant in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She is a ... more less

Lolita San Miguel

IDEA Author/Presenter

Kathy Corey

IDEA Author/Presenter
Kathy Corey is the owner and director of Kathy Corey Pilates. She has been a Pilates teacher and an ... more less