207: Tri-Plane Pilates

Time Block E - Friday, 2:10-4:00pm
Presented by: Leslee Bender
Session Format: Workshop

This progressive and nontraditional method of Pilates is designed for today's society. It has been documented that excessive spinal flexion while performing mat exercises is playing havoc on the lumbar spine. Discover how the body is meant to move in all three planes of movement, just by experiencing your foot hitting the ground as you walk. When the body is standing, you can truly experience the magic of tri-plane exercises that will help restore posture and range of movement. This session offers a completely new way of training that can be incorporated into any mind-body program.


Leslee Bender

IDEA Author/Presenter
Leslee Bender is the creator of the Bender Method of training. A graduate of the Graduate of the Gra... more less