451: Transform Your Posture, Transform Your Body

Time Block I2 - Friday, 10:10am-12:00pm
Presented by: Leslee Bender
Session Format: Workshop

Postural issues are mostly habitual poor mechanics and over time can lead to pain and injuries if not addressed. Antiquated crunches and core exercises are not only useless but are causing back issues and compromising good posture! In this session, you'll discover it all happens from the ground up and the feet are a major influence on dysfunction and postural anomalies! Walk away with the latest techniques to perform functional evaluations and strategies that will transform your clients body and perhaps, drastically improve their quality of life.


Leslee Bender

IDEA Author/Presenter
Leslee Bender is the founder of the Pilates Coach and the creator of the Bender Barre Method. A 2010... more less