445: Tips for Successful MMA Fitness Boot Camps

Time Block I2 - Friday, 10:10am-12:00pm
Session Format: Workshop

As a sport, mixed martial arts requires the athlete to change direction and adjust on the fly. This session teaches the functional fitness movements that top-notch mixed martial artists use to stay ring-ready and cage-fit, and these movements can be put to great use in your boot camp programs. If you teach boot camps, then you won't want to miss this special workshop. The techniques introduced in this session will give you plenty of plug-and-play options you can use to diversify the exercises in your boot camp classes.

Kevin Kearns

IDEA Author/Presenter
Kevin Kearns is the founder of Burn With Kearns Fitness. Armed with a bachelor?s degree in exercise ... more less

Scott O'Keefe

IDEA Author/Presenter