550: The Warrior Workout

Time Block Q - Sunday, 10:20am-12:10pm
Presented by: Tony Horton
Session Format: Workshop

The Warrior Workout is a no-holds-barred sequence of exercises that work the whole body—on four planes—from top to bottom. Also known as UCML—Upper (chest, shoulders, arms), Cardio intervals (60 seconds), Middle (core work) and Lower (squats, lunges, plyometrics)—will be done to make up an astounding workout. This routine is ideal for people who travel and don't have access to a gym or fitness equipment. It is a real favorite with active duty military personal who need a head-to-toe workout between combat operations down range. Willpower, the human body and mother earth is all you need!

Tony Horton

IDEA Author/Presenter
Tony Horton is the master behind the best-selling fitness program, P90X®. Over the last 17 years To... more less