206: The Unstable Pelvis

Time Block D - Saturday, 9:15am-12:05pm
Presented by: Sue Hitzmann, MS
Session Format: Workshop

A stable pelvis is the keystone to maintaining a pain-free and active lifestyle. If pelvic instability is left unaddressed, your client may sustain injuries that could have been prevented. In this session, you will gain a greater understanding of the behavior of connective tissue as it relates to pelvic stability and learn MELT(r) strength assessment techniques to overcome potential problems. Using a specialized foam roller and resistance bands, you will discover new ways to improve pelvic stability and mobility in order for your clients to properly execute the movements necessary to perform their favorite activities while reducing the risk of injury.

Sue Hitzmann, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sue Hitzmann, MS Sue Hitzmann, MS, founder of Longevity Fitness Inc. and creator of the MELT Method(... more less