468: Corrective Exercise Techniques—Address Muscular Imbalance and Improve Functional Performance!

Time Block J2 - Friday, 2:00-3:50pm
Presented by: Everett Aaberg
Session Format: Lecture

Exercise programming or exercise technique. Which is most important? The fact is, the body cannot decipher one modality from another. Neuromuscular adaptation depends on the physics and forces associated with the exercise, as well as the specific biomechanics required to stabilize specific positions to produce the precise movement patterns involved in each exercise. This class will present the Ortho-Kinetics® principles that are critical for effective exercise selection, technique, variation, modification and manipulation related to a specific client to address their needs and accomplish their goals.

Everett Aaberg

IDEA Author/Presenter
Everett Aaberg is the owner and CEO of the TELOS™ Fitness Center, and Ortho-Kinetics®, whi... more less