577: The Real Bottom Line: Understanding Profit

Time Block S - Saturday, 2:45-4:35pm
Presented by: Darren Jacobson
Session Format: Lecture

Session Update: The 1,500 sq ft Profit Monster by Juan Carlos Santana has been changed to The Real Bottom Line: Understanding Profit with Darren Jacobson.

As club owners and fitness program directors, do we fully understand the role and responsibility of the personal training department and the real impact that trainers can have in our facilities? This session will look at global business models relating to personal training. We’ll discuss systems and structures that are geared toward incentivizing and retaining remarkable trainers. We will also bring to light the shifting perceptions of personal trainers and the universal keys to creating a world-class personal training business.

Darren Jacobson

IDEA Author/Presenter
Darren Jacobson is the innovator of the franchise personal training concept for Virgin Active South ... more less