209: The New Face of Business: Women

Time Block E - Saturday, 9:15am-12:05pm
Session Format: Lecture

Women are taking the fitness industry by storm—not as exercisers, but as business owners. This expanding segment of the business sector is driving the trends, ideas, spending habits and lifestyles of countless people around the world. But businesswomen face unique challenges that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. Get information on shared obstacles women entrepreneurs face and answers to common questions, and confirm that you are taking the right steps to succeed in the world of business.


Nicki Anderson

IDEA Author/Presenter
Nicki Anderson has owned and operated Reality Fitness Studio in Naperville, Illinois since 1993. An ... more less

Mary Bratcher, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mary Bratcher, MA, is a life coach who specializes in small business development and resolution of p... more less