748: The “M” Word—Let’s Talk Menopause

Time Block G - Saturday, 2:00-3:50pm
Presented by: Maria Luqué, PhD
Session Format: Lecture

Physical activity provides tangible benefits for the menopausal client. But this natural phase in every woman's life is still a big mystery surrounded by confusion, misinformation, and yes, quite a bit of secrecy. Women in mid-life need to be understood as a specific population with their own possibilities and challenges. This session will provide the most current research-based information on the effects of physical activity on quality of life through the menopausal transition, as well as advice on how to approach women in mid-life.

Maria Luqué, PhD

IDEA Author/Presenter
After serving in the US Air Force, this former military Fitness Program Manager with over 13 years o... more less