357: Teaching and Practicing From the Integrity of the Pose

Time Block L - Saturday, 2:00-3:50pm
Presented by: Lauren Eirk
Session Format: Movement

Being a good yoga teacher or yoga practitioner is not about learning more poses. It is about the ongoing discovery of what makes up many of the most basic postures. A posture in itself is made up of many joint positions, with one joint affecting the other. One cannot progress in yoga when the integrity of a pose is not experienced and practiced. Explore five different yoga asanas, each chosen for their importance, joint position and complexity. Learn various ways to cue students, alter forces within the pose and modify the poses for various people. Think you are advanced? Think again!


Lauren Eirk

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lauren Eirk. MS is a certified E-RYT 500 level Yoga Instructor with over 30 years experience in fitn... more less