400: Tandem Training-Two Can Be Better Than One!

Time Block K - Saturday, 8:00-9:50am
Presented by: Marc Lebert, Mindy Mylrea
Session Format: Workshop

Bring a friend! This session pairs people up with unique body weight exercises and equipment options like the Equalizer and Buddy System along with new programming for training in tandem. This is a great way to stay connected with your clients while you both perform exercises. These techniques will also help teams get closer by training together. You'll see... a little friendly competition can really maximize effort levels and results .

Marc Lebert

IDEA Author/Presenter
Marc Lebert is the owner of Lebert Fitness, Inc., a leader in developing innovative body weight trai... more less

Mindy Mylrea

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mindy Mylrea is the owner of FitFlix Productions and the creator of Gliding™, the gliding discs... more less