413: STOTT PILATES®: Jumpboard Strength and Conditioning

Time Block J - Friday, 7:00-7:45am
Presented by: John Garey, MS
Session Format: Workout

Learn programming to improve the strength and stability of hip, knee and ankle joints in both supine and standing positions in this workshop developed by the Merrithew Health & Fitness™ team. The use of a jumpboard with the reformer allows the hip joint to be closer to an anatomically neutral alignment when transferring forces from the soles of the feet up through the body, promoting good biomechanics of the entire lower kinetic chain. Increased spring resistance emphasizes strengthening of the arms, shoulder girdle and legs. Repeated as session #528.

John Garey, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
John Garey, MS, CSCS, is the owner of John Garey Fitness and Pilates in Long Beach, California, feat... more less