213: STOTT PILATES® Matwork™ for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Time Block E1 - Saturday, 12:15-1:45pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Sally Belanger
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop

Many more women will survive breast cancer today than ever before and they will be encouraged to seek out fitness programs to assist in their recovery and provide the strength and endurance needed to resume an active lifestyle. This workshop will discuss various types of treatments, including surgeries and reconstruction, as well as exercise requirements for each. The program includes mat-based exercises focusing on range of motion for the entire shoulder girdle, establishing mobility, restoring posture, ensuring proper biomechanics, and developing core and peripheral strength to address muscular imbalances. Exercises will incorporate handheld toning balls and a small foam cushion to work on low-load strength and endurance.

Sally Belanger

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sally Belanger Sally Belanger is the project specialist for STOTT PILATES(r) in Toronto, Canada. She... more less