271: STOTT PILATES® Advanced Reformer

Time Block H - Friday, 10:15am-12:05pm
Presented by: John Garey, MS
Session Format: Workshop

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the highest level of the reformer repertoire. Advanced STOTT PILATES exercises will be demonstrated and thoroughly broken down to explore how elements of strength, flexibility, balance, control and endurance are challenged to the highest degree. Many exercises performed will continue the progression from the essential and intermediate levels, while others will offer unique movement patterns. Prerequisite: STOTT PILATES Intermediate Reformer Workshop AND previous experience teaching or studying Pilates reformer exercises.

John Garey, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
John Garey, MS, is the owner of John Garey Pilates in Long Beach, California, the only STOTT PILATES... more less