011: STOTT PILATES® V2 MAX Plus—How to Create a Maximum-Impact Pilates Program

Thursday, 9:30am-5:30pm
Presented by: John Garey, MS, PJ O'Clair
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop

This all-day workshop offers a first look and comprehensive overview of STOTT PILATES’ latest creation, the new V2 Max Plus. Inspired by the demand for a highly versatile piece of Pilates equipment, this all-in-one system facilitates hundreds of exercises adding fun, challenge and variety to Pilates workouts. The session begins with a fundamental overview of the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles. Participants will learn countless essential- through advanced-level exercise combinations using the multiple V2 Max Plus components, work on matwork and Cadillac exercises using the mat converter, then move on to reformer and vertical frame-based repertoire ideas. We’ll share effective tips and tricks for cuing, modifying and correcting clients in group classes or private sessions. Ideal for seasoned Pilates instructors or for those who want to learn more about this popular mind-body fitness phenomenon. Limited to 30 registrants.
By John Garey, MS, PJ O'Clair

John Garey, MS

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PJ O'Clair

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