215: STOTT PILATES® Essential Pilates on the Edge™

Time Block F2 - Saturday, 12:50-1:50pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Matthew Comer, MS
Session Format: Workout

Bring a new level of excitement to your workout and teach your classes on the Edge! This versatile tool will help you ramp up the intensity level by changing the angle of your routine. Applying the five basic principles of STOTT PILATES, you’ll explore how to modify the essential-level exercises to develop a total-body workout. Discover how the Pilates Edge can be used in supine, prone and standing variations to take advantage of the foam triangle’s increasing height.


Matthew Comer, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Matthew Comer, MS, is a STOTT PILATES® instructor trainer, and the founder and co-owner of Pilat... more less