402: SPRI®: 360 Training-Turn It Up, Turn It Down: How to Progress and Regress Training Intensity

Time Block M - Saturday, 4:00-5:50pm
Presented by: Robert Sherman
Session Format: Workshop

Find out how to meet the specific needs of all small-group circuit-training participants with just the right amount of intensity and variation. While working with the Step360™ Pro, uncover progression options to increase the total work, energy expenditure and regression options to simplify and orient movement quality, allowing less to be more. Trainers will learn the movements needed to reach all populations, along with an easy-to-learn way to assess and assign appropriate exercise options for all clients.

Robert Sherman

IDEA Author/Presenter
Robert Sherman is GM and CFO of TRUEBODY, president of Robert Sherman Fitness, LLC., Schwinn and SPR... more less