264: Spa for the Soul: Instructor Self-Care

Time Block G - Friday, 4:10-5:40pm
Session Format: Movement

Instead of learning choreography or ideas to take back for others, in this workshop you'll get ideas on self–preservation for you. Embark on an in–depth experience in self–care from the fusion of mind–body applications, spa approaches, nourishment of the five senses, and internal healing and regeneration. Most amazingly, this experience addresses all of your senses and requires no equipment to be effective! 265 Progressive Studio Pilates on the Reformer M Erika QuestExperience this total–body, progressive, integrated and flowing workshop on the reformer with emphasis on lengthening and postural elements, while strengthening with progressive spring tension. The BOSU®, along with other props, will be featured and utilized on the sliding reformer carriage to enhance flow and challenge classic Pilates while continually offering dynamic and new Pilates–inspired repertoire.


Lawrence Biscontini, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lawrence Biscontini, MA, has established fitness history by winning multiple Instructor of the Year ... more less