440: ShockWave Circuit: The Most Efficient Total–Body Workout in the World!

Time Block K - Friday, 8:10-10:00am
Session Format: Workshop

Don’t miss your chance to learn how to teach the ULTIMATE group fitness workout. Build community, interaction, competition, retention and adherence. ShockWave Circuit is easy to teach, simple to do, but MIND-BLOWINGLY unique in the way it brings out the athlete and competitive spirit in every client in every workout. Take home ideas that can be executed with minimal equipment and be done indoors, outdoors, in the park or on the basketball court! Bring your attitude and be prepared to sweat! Repeated as session #469.

Doris Thews

IDEA Author/Presenter
Doris Thews has been a professional in the fitness industry for over 28 years. Her journey in fitnes... more less

Jay Blahnik

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jay Blahnik is a contract athlete for Nike and an advisory board member for Nautilus®. He serves... more less

Josh Crosby

IDEA Author/Presenter
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Paul Katami

IDEA Author/Presenter
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Angela Leigh

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Jeffrey Scott

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