136: Schwinn® Cycling: Total Time Trial Redux

Time Block C - Friday, 11:00am-12:50pm
Presented by: Keli Roberts
Session Format: Workshop

A 100% high-end endurance immersion, the time trial is the ultimate test of a rider's physical fitness and mental toughness! In this remix of one of Schwinn's most popular real road ride workshops, you'll learn how both individual and team time trials work and how athletes train for them. Then, challenge yourself and your teammates in three different time trial simulations and learn how to bring the crowd-pleasing impact and fitness benefits of time-trialing back to your classes at home! This workshop includes a complete ride experience with detailed notes.

Keli Roberts

IDEA Author/Presenter
Keli Roberts?is a specialized tier-three personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena, California. She is... more less