238: Schwinn® Cycling: Short and Sweet

Time Block F - Friday, 4:30-6:20pm
Presented by: Mindy Mylrea
Session Format: Workshop

Want to attract new blood to your cycling program? Ditch the hour-long timeslot and keep it short and sweet. The 30-minute workout is the best way to create a new batch of committed riders whether they've never tried the bike or they want to "have it all" during their gym time. This workshop shows you how to successfully put together and coach two energizing, physiologically sound workouts that fit neatly into half an hour: one for those new to cycling and one for those who are fit but need it fast!

Mindy Mylrea

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mindy Mylrea is the owner of FitFlix Productions and the creator of Gliding™, the gliding discs... more less