223: Schwinn® Cycling: Seven Shortcuts to More Powerful Playlists

Time Block F - Friday, 4:30-6:20pm
Presented by: Julz Arney
Session Format: Workshop

Don’t spend another unproductive minute planning music for your rides. Take a deep dive into mapping music effectively using different genres, creating music-themed stages and managing insights from students, and learn to surprise and delight with contrast. Then, let the Seven Shortcuts to More Powerful Playlists equip you with a simple strategy for assembling hype soundtracks that fire up your riders! You’ll get access to hundreds of song ideas that are working magic in cycling classes across the country.
By Julz Arney

Julz Arney

IDEA Author/Presenter
Julz Arney is the owner of Team Arney, Inc. Fitness Consultants and has been a professional fitness ... more less