116: Schwinn® Cycling: Break It Up!

Time Block B - Friday, 8:50-10:40am
Presented by: Juliane Arney
Session Format: Workshop

Whether you've got new riders who aren't sure about being on the bike for an entire class, or time-pressed fitness veterans needing to multitask, come learn how you can give them each a fantastic workout experience by inserting a smart progression of off-the-bike breaks into your cardio segments! We'll add in posture strengtheners, lower-body shapers and active flexibility. This new format preserves the authenticity of the ride and offers newbies and advanced riders a fun, effective way to get fit. This workshop includes a complete ride experience with detailed notes.

Juliane Arney

IDEA Author/Presenter
Juliane “Julz” Arney is a dance-fitness specialist with 18 years' experience, lead master traine... more less