338: Santosha: The Art of Being Content With Your Body and Your Practice

Time Block K - Saturday, 10:40am-12:30pm
Presented by: Lauren Eirk
Session Format: Movement

Comparing oneself to others or to a picture in a book can cause frustration and haste, wanting to achieve a position no matter the cost. Santosha is the art of learning to be content with the body we are given. This is further validated by many scientific facts, given that certain joints have specific motion capabilities. Genetics, injury, previous activities and muscle inhibition further affect the outcomes of a yoga practice. We can only progress as fast as the slowest component, and we have to learn to live inside the body we have been given. Learn ways to incorporate these ideas in your yoga classes, giving students permission to make adjustments and modifications.


Lauren Eirk

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lauren Eirk. MS is a certified E-RYT 500 level Yoga Instructor with over 30 years experience in fitn... more less