563: Resist-A-Ball® Fusion

Time Block S - Saturday, 2:45-4:35pm
Presented by: Carol Murphy
Session Format: Workshop

Strength training, Pilates or yoga? Why choose? Imagine a squat, mermaid and sun salutation all in one fluid workout and you’ll get a good sense of Resist-A-Ball Fusion. This is a flowing, rhythmic class that any instructor can lead, even without extensive yoga or Pilates teacher training. By integrating fundamental core strengthening moves with precise alignment from Pilates and the mind-body engagement from yoga, you get a unique practice that fuses three of the most popular choices in fitness today. Your members will never need to choose again.

Carol Murphy

IDEA Author/Presenter
Carol Murphy, a finalist for the 2008 IDEA Instructor of the Year, is a master trainer for Resist-A-... more less