221: RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Shut up Legs!

Time Block D - Thursday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

“Shut up legs!” is what professional cyclist Jens Voigt says to tell your legs when you think they have nothing left to give. Experience what it takes to build strong and powerful climbing technique and how to conquer any hill. Take a challenging uphill journey that includes turning, steering and balancing along 20 steep switchbacks. This leg-burning, heart-pumping, give-it-all-you’ve-got profile will help any level rider develop stamina and grit!

Adam Reid

IDEA Author/Presenter
Adam Reid is recognized as one of the leading indoor cycling instructors in Los Angeles. Since movin... more less

Douglas Brooks, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Douglas Brooks, MS, is the Director of Programming for both BOSU® and RealRyder® Indoor Cycling, a... more less