225: RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Re-Cycle

Time Block F - Friday, 4:30-6:20pm
Session Format: Workshop

Planning your classes should be quick, easy and fun. Learn how to create and re-cycle classes so you have a rich library of creative workouts to choose from each week. RealRyder’s unique RydeProfile Class Planning Template shows you how to bring real road profiles inside the classroom while maximizing teaching options. Inject new energy and creativity into your class planning and produce a ryding experience your participants won’t soon forget. (It is highly recommended that participants bring a heart rate monitor to class.) Repeated as session 435.
By Douglas Brooks, MS, Adam Reid

Douglas Brooks, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Douglas Brooks, MS, Exercise Physiologist, is the Director of Programming for both BOSU® and RealRy... more less

Adam Reid

IDEA Author/Presenter
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